Website Hosting is the provision of online 'space' to place your website with all it's files, images and documents so that your information is available to any website visitor. A website hosting service can also host your email accounts and the flow through of that 'traffic'.

How much does website hosting cost?

It DOES cost money to have your website 'hosted' - similar to a phone company charging you monthly phone rental, your web hosting provider will charge you hosting fees either monthly, 3 or 6 monthly or most likely, annually.

Miniwebs has different levels of website hosting available,

  1. A 'Simple' hosting account for a small website which will use little data and low website visitors every month.
  2. A 'Personal' hosting account - perfect for someone with just 2 or 3 pages and not expecting a multitude of email. All email dat is counted towards bandwidth and data quotas.
  3. A 'Business' hosting account - this is by far our most popular account as it suits small business, with plenty of bandwidth per month for any small business.
  4. An 'Enterprise' hosting account - ideal for a small business with a shopping cart, where there will be a regular number of website visitors scrolling through the website/logging in and out and data files are added regularly.

Our newer hosting accounts now use G-Suite as the preferred method of email management - G-Suite has a much larger data storage capacity than a regular web server and can cope with the volume and data file sizes people now use in their emails.

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