Get your website built and managed by a Web Developer!

We get our cars serviced by mechanics, our hair cut by hairdressers, our legal problems sorted by lawyers so why as mechanics, business owners, teachers, electricians etc, do we want to build our own websites?

It's not what you do - apply your skills to what you do best and get a Web Developer with experience to build and manage your website - it's what WE do!

We know that every client wants something different and sometimes very specific - we work with YOU to achieve that end goal. Building a website is NOT an easy process no matter how much other people and advertising lead you to believe.

We can help you through the whole design process from obtaining a domain name to ongoing content updates once your website is fully operational. This is where our complete Website Packages may be useful for you.

So what do you really need?

  • A simple single page website with all your relevant contact details?
  • A multi-page website to fully convey to your customers what your business/service does?
  • A shopping cart website?

These are just a few options of what businesses required when asking us to build their website. Your requirements may be totally different!

Why get Miniwebs to build your website - why not use those easy online platforms and 'do your own'?

  • You can! How long will it take you? Are you computer savy?
  • Find out what features you can get for free using those services - what other features do you have to pay for?
  • When one day, you need to upgrade your site and move it to a regular hosting provider, can you? No - simple as that - your site cannot be transferred, it will need to be rebuilt.

Custom Website Design

If you're looking for a custom built website - contact us! Every client is different and over the years we have learnt to udnerstand that your business is unique - it requires custom features built in for YOU!

So what do you need to know about having a website built with Miniwebs?

  1. Your website will be 'responsive' on all devices - i.e It will look good on a mobile device as well as a widescreen desktop.
  2. We can use any logos, colours, fonts etc that you supply us, alternatively we can create those for you.
  3. You supply us with your text, preferably electronically and we will insert it into pages, sidebars, contact details etc.
  4. We insert all the BASICS that any website should have to aid in having your website found by Google search engines. BUT!!! This is a comprehensive field, it takes time and money to beat your competition and reach the upper rankings in Google searches, and as such Miniwebs will refer you to a reputable company to assist further in more comprehensive needs.
    We cannot (and nor can ANYONE) guarantee you "number one on Google."
    As a new website owner, Google may not even find your website once it has gone live, for 2-3 weeks.
  5. If required, we provide you with login access to get in and maintain your own content text and images. Not always easy if you're not on your website every day, but certainly 'do-able'. Like anything in your own business, the mroe often you do something the easier it becomes.

Have a look at our past projects over the years, or CALL US NOW to discuss your requirements

Our Website Design Services include building new websites using either Joomla or Wordpress. If you are not sure what those are, no problem, they are what we call Content Management Systems - frameworks that enable you to login from any computer and make your own website changes as you need.

Here at Miniwebs, our preferred method of Website Creation is to use Wordpress.

Websites today need to be viewed on all devices ranging from the smaller smartphones to tablets and desktops then on to large widescreen monitors.

We ALWAYS build our websites to be mobile-friendly.

Not so long ago, web developers needed to create an independent website for viewing on mobile phones but using today's technology, one website can be created to be 'RESPONSIVE/MOBILE-FRIENDLY' for whichever device it is used on. More and more people are using smartphones to view the web nowadays and if your website is not responsive to those needs, your website visitor may very well just go somewhere else.

So ..... yes, we build websites. Yes, we ensure they have responsive/mobile features. Yes, we can use your logos, colours, fonts, images.



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