SEO Services with Miniwebs

Miniwebs provides Basic Search Engine Optimisation with all websites we build including input of Meta Data information including Site Descriptions, Keywords and Phrases, Heading Tags and Page Titles. But these basic features do not always carry any guarantee of your placement in search engines.

SEO itself is a HUGE field with regular ongoing work needed by front and back end users to keep content, blogs, links etc active.

The basics as described above, will however set your website in a position to at least have the 'basics' in place, something all websites should work towards.


  • A SEO Site Checkup report - this will tell you a 'basic' score of the state of Search Engine optimisation on your website
  • A quote to outline what's needed on your site based on the FREE report we have provided you with.

SEO Package ONE

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the practice of optimising individual pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.
It refers to all the things that you can do ON YOUR WEBSITE to help you rank higher, such as page titles, internal linking, meta tags & descriptions, etc.

  • Content Pages should have 250 words of content but not keyword stuffed
  • Content should be answering questions
  • Content should have keyword phrase at least 3 times
  • Page Titles for each topic page (6 – 12 words) 70 characters
  • Is there a clearly defined ‘topic’ for each page?
  • Meta Description for every page 160 characters
  • Meta Descriptions and Keywords need to be on individual topic pages and different to Global description
  • Keywords - okay but not totally necessary
  • Heading Tags used within content but NOT H1 - H1 should only be use in Page Titles
  • H1 tag should include keyword phrase
  • H2 tag should include keyword phrase
  • Logo links back to Home Page
  • Site should be mobile-friendly
  • Phone number readily accessible
  • Clean URL’s
  • Footer - Site links, important pages (policy, TOC, Copyright) Company address
  • Menu Navigation straight forward and works well?
  • Images – use of alt tags on all images
  • Internal links
  • No inline CSS
  • Favicon
  • Breadcrumb trail included where required
  • Check for broken links
  • External js and css files - aggregated
  • Social Media Links

SEO Package TWO

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a website in the Search Engine Results Pages.
It refers to all the items that are done "other than on your website", to improve search results and guide more traffic to your website.

  • Social Media Links eg Facebook, LinedIn, Twitter
  • External Links
  • Consistent NAP
  • Post comments on other blogs in your niche
  • Caching plugin in place
  • GZIP Compression
  • XML Sitemap file created and uploaded to root folder
  • Google Analytics installed
  • Creation of Google My Business page
  • Google submissions
  • Search Console
  • Analytics
  • Redirects in place
  • Add a website to Bing, verify and configure
  • Business reviews of other sites
  • Client reviews on YOUR site
  • Listings in local directories eg true local


On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO Services

Technical is usually done by your web developer following suggestions made by us to assist in the lines of Page Speed, Click to Action links, above the fold information, HTTP requests, Using a CDN etc

SEO Package FOUR

All the above plus Google Ads - Pay Per Click Advertising

This is another area that can be optimised to obtain lots more traffic. This also can be very costly but also very effective.

As this is a comprehensive service, we would always do an on-site meeting with any new clients.

Cost for this service can range upwards of $500 per month.