Miniwebs provides Basic Search Engine Optimisation with all websites we build. This includes input of Meta Data information including Site Descriptions, Keywords and Phrases, Page Titles, Google Analytics account set up with monthly report, Google site verification, Sitemaps, internal page links, heading tags.

N.B. These features do not carry any guarantee of your placement in search engines. SEO itself is a HUGE field and very competitive nowadays. Monthly ongoing work is needed by front and back end users to keep content, blogs, links, Adwords etc active.

The basics as described will set your website in a position to at least have the 'basics' in place, something all websites should work towards.

Comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation

If you are looking for something more Comprehensive, here's what we can offer:

  1. A FREE SEO Site Checkup - this will tell you a 'basic' score of the state of Search Engine optimisation on your website
  2. A quote to outline what's needed on your site based on the FREE report we have provided you with.

Your quote will include checks and updates/edits of some, of or all of any of the following:

On-Page SEO | Off Page SEO | Technical SEO

  • Most common keywords/phrases used on your home page
  • Use of Keywords in meta-tags check
  • URL listing for top 20 organic Google listed search terms
  • Relevant domain competitors
  • Heading Tags testing
  • Check for a robots.txt.file
  • Check for a sitemap.xml file
  • Broken links check
  • SEO Friendly URL check
  • Image Alt test
  • Inline CSS test
  • Any deprecated HTML tags
  • Is Google Analytics installed
  • IS there a favicon in place
  • Backlinks
  • Javascript errors
  • Social Media Test
  • Speed Tests
    • HTML Page Size
    • HTML Compression/GZIP Test
    • Site Loading speed
    • HTTP Requests (most use more than 20)
    • Page caching in place
  • Any Flash technology in place
  • Use of a CDN
  • Image caching
  • Javascript caching
  • CSS Caching
  • Any nested tables
  • Any frames in use
  • DOCType declaration
  • URL redirects
  • URL Canonicalisation
  • HTTPS in use
  • Website safe to browse?
  • Use of plain text emails - need to hide from spam harvesters
  • Media Queries in use
  • Mobile snapshot
  • Use of Structured Data Snippets
  • Custom 404 Error page
  • Noindex tags
  • Canonical tag
  • Nofollow tag test
  • Disallow directives in robots.txt
  • SPF Records check

It's a big list and fairly technical to many, and yes, it's often a costly exercise but if you need to attract more visitors to your website, the above 'fixes' are likely to help in bringing those visitors.

Pay Per Click Advertising - often known as Google Ads

This is another area that can be optimised to obtain lots more traffic. This also can be very costly but also very effective.