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Miniwebs is not a huge corporate company out there to remove you of thousands of dollars to get your small business website up and running. Miniwebs has been in business nearly 15 years simply helping small businesses just like our own, with all their online needs. No, it's not a cheap exercise, but we do our utmost to provide an economical service to you, our customer, by doing all those things which may seem daunting to you.

Shown below are commonsense, plain speaking (we hope) services we provide that will get the online component of your business up and running. Please call and talk to Brenda, (07 3804 1891) the owner of Miniwebs - leave a message if you can't get hold of her and you will get a response within a few hours in most cases.

What is a Domain Name? A Domain Name is your online address and is where someone might go to 'find you'.

Like your home address, it is unique to you, no-one else can have the same domain name although the 'ending' or "TLD" of your domain eg .com.au, .com, etc can be used by another party if you do not own it.

Many people don’t realise the benefits of site maintenance, but website maintenance is an integral part of updating and keeping your site working properly. Having a good web developer update and maintain your site is something one should not only seriously consider, but DO!

Website maintenance is the act of regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. ... Regular monitoring of your website is a must for keeping your business running smoothly.

Website Packages

If you've been searching for someone experienced, professional and providing a more personal service to create your website, then you've come to the right place.

If you're after a simple (or complex) but professional looking site, then we can help you package together everything you need.

We include a Domain Name, Web Design, Hosting, Email addresses, Ongoing maintenance and support and more.

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Website Hosting is the provision of online 'space' to place your website with all it's files, images and documents so that your information is available to any website visitor. A website hosting service can also host your email accounts and the flow through of that 'traffic'.

A website upgrade is vital if you have an older website that is not responsive to any device it is being viewed on.

Have you ever seen the very bottom of your website and seen the date as 2010 - or earlier???

Is the navigation of your site hard for visitors to get around?

Are your images linked into slideshows, or easy for people to view?

Are they even CURRENT images??

Perhaps you have very little traffic to your website and it needs to have some new search engine features built in. Many of what Google required 5 years ago is no longer relevant now and to get more traffic there are a.....

Are you looking for someone who can regularly assist with your website content updates and changes?

Are you frustrated trying to manage your own website? Is it taking too long to work it out?

Miniwebs works with a large number of clients who regularly email their website content changes to us and request additions of content, changes to paragraphs, additions of blog content, update of phone numbers etc. That's the easiest way!

Many business owners or employees have an amazing sense of what their own business does but only a very basic knowledge of what is involved in making changes to the.....

SEO Services with Miniwebs

Miniwebs provides Basic Search Engine Optimisation with all websites we build including input of Meta Data information including Site Descriptions, Keywords and Phrases, Heading Tags and Page Titles. But these basic features do not always carry any guarantee of your placement in search engines.

Get your website built and managed by a Web Developer!

We get our cars serviced by mechanics, our hair cut by hairdressers, our legal problems sorted by lawyers so why as mechanics, business owners, teachers, electricians etc, do we want to build our own websites?

It's not what you do - apply your skills to what you do best and get a Web Developer with experience to build and manage your website - it's what WE do!

We know that every client wants something different and sometimes very specific - we work with YOU to achieve that end goal. Building a website is NOT an easy process no matter.....