Bigstock is an excellent resource for images, whether you are designing flyers or brochures, or creating a website. You can get started by signing up for a 7-day free trial, diving into their awesome collection of 26 million or so high-quality stock images, and selecting up to 35 images for free.


26 million is a large number, but the images are extremely well organized, and finding what you need is rarely a problem.





Stockfresh, with its millions of stock photos, vectors, and illustrations, features the best prices on the market. You.....

We are living in the digital age now and almost every website/activity we engage with, wants us to log in with a username and password and then we are expected to remember them all!

As an administrator for many client websites and email accounts, I get asked so often 'do you know what my password is?' The short answer is 'No'.

Passwords are YOURS - you should be the only one who knows them.

As a business owner you should DEFINITELY have systems in place to store all those passwords - and NOT in a notebook or bits of paper hanging around the office.

LastPass (https://www.lastpass.com/) -

I've had a busy couple of weeks with 2 conferences to attend. In Sydney, I attended the "Business Blueprint" conference you may have heard me talk about before.

We had 4 days of amazing speakers from finance, marketing, tech tools, training and lead generation. If you ever want to just get a glimpse into what Business Blueprint is all about, then you should check out the 52Ways One Day seminars that are absolutely FREE to attend.

Why '52' Ways?

Dale Beaumont, the founder of Business Blueprint runs through exactly 52 ways you can improve your business using some amazing strategies and.....

Using a MAC?

Giphy Capture - GIPHY CAPTURE is the best way to create GIFs on your Mac. Simple, powerful, free, and easy enough for pretty much everyone and even a few small mammals.




Do you regularly share  information? Add a call-to-action to every link you share using snip.ly




Free slogan maker - Discover catchy slogan ideas for your brand, simply enter a word into the generator and you're given loads of ideas for a catchy slogan.

PDF Candy

Convert anything to or from a PDF format - Compress a PDF - Convert to a JPG file





The super fast colour schemes generator!

Create, save and share perfect palettes in seconds!




A revolutionary all in one video hosting solution with a suite of video marketing tools that helps you grow with video. Free and Paid versions.


Until next week.....



Listed below are some of the mistakes you try to avoid when acquiring a new domain name:
1. Taking the domain/business name decision lightly
Don’t just buy the first domain that looks good. Many people do this only to seriously regret it later. Make sure you treat the domain/business name as a serious decision.
2. Thinking small instead of big
Starting out small doesn’t mean you will remain small. Cornering yourself into a niche or locale can limit your potential. Thinking big from the start can expand your world of opportunity.
3. Thinking “good enough” instead of.....


A Virtual Assistant may be an office administration professional, an SEO specialist, a web developer or any other individual who works from the comfort of their own home office or a leased office space or anywhere they want to be!



A Virtual Assistant can be engaged from overseas or here in Australia and generally works online completing tasks you assign to them.


What does a Virtual Assistant do? 

Well, there are endless ways this can be answered, but in short, a Virtual Assistant does the majority of things that a personal assistant or office.....


Create mockups, logos, videos & designs in seconds!





Get your own "About Me" page here - upload your image, add an email signature, a website URL, your bio.




Connect your team with a business communication platform that powers voice, video, messages, and meetings across your existing devices.



Good Email Copy

Looking for inspiration on what to write in some of your emails? Welcome emails, invoicing issues, invitations and more.

There's loads of easy tech tools out there to help in your business but here's just a couple of quick ones - more next week! 

One of my favourites!


Enter your keyword & he’ll suggest content ideas in seconds..

Free Images

We all like to find free images we can legally use so here's a couple of websites you may or may not know about:

https://pexels.com - advertised as "The best free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators."

https://unsplash.com - The internet’s source of freely useable images.

Both of these sites you simply enter.....

Working too many hours? Not enough Profit? Overwhelmed?

If you haven't yet been to a "52 Ways" Seminar, it's coming back to Brisbane - and it's FREE to attend!

This has been the best seminar I have ever attended and literally provides 52 things you can do to improve your business.

Here at Miniwebs, we use "Asana" - https://asana.com

Each of our customers have their own 'Project' and whenever a website update task comes in from a client, a 'Task' is created under the Project.

That task can have a due date assigned to it and all tasks can be sorted by due date, or Project, however we wish.

But not only that - you can have other staff members on your team and assign projects and tasks to them as required.

Recurring tasks can be allocated - they just pop up onto todays task as they become due.

But like everything, it's all trial and error but I highly recommend Asana.....

Working too many hours? Not enough Profit? Overwhelmed?

If you haven't yet been to a "52 Ways" Seminar, it's coming back to Brisbane - and it's FREE to attend!

his has been the best seminar I have ever attended and literally provides 52 things you can do to improve your business.

Blogging is almost becoming essential to maintaining an online presence, standing out above the competition, and even obtaining customers.

If you want to make yourself known to your target audience, your business needs a blog.


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