Phishing is a cyber attack that uses fake emails as a weapon. The objective is to fool the recipient of the email into accepting that the message is something they want or need eg; a solicitation from their bank, or a note from somebody in their organisation, and a link to click that brings them somewhere unfamiliar or download an attachment.


The basic type of phishing trick can be very deceptive and lead you into thinking that a legitimate organisation has sent you an email and wants you to click a link to log in with your username and password. This is an attempt to steal your.....

Spam emails are an ongoing issues and it's unlikely we will ever be rid of it unfortunately.

Spam is different to everyone - some consider every unwanted email a spam email, others happily accept them then just delete them if not needed.

But 'real' and dangerous spam are the ones we all need to be aware of.


Nigerian Scams

We've all had these emails I'm sure!

You're about to inherit a large sum of money or someone is crying poor and desperately needs your help.

DON'T go any further - simply delete these emails. There's little sense nowadays in adding them to your unwanted.....

As per the bounce-back message - the inbox was full and needs to be increased via CPanel

But for a long term solution, I would highly recommend a switch to the likes of G-suite where the minimum use email is 15-30GB whereas a server can not generally hold that amount of email. It's dedicated email and is much more

G-Suite is a paid dedicated service - like anything, you get what you pay for but have a look at G-Suite anyway - I recommend all users of higher level email, to transfer to G-Suite.

It's a long term and much preferred solution and I do have a Google Provider who can assist in.....

Have you noticed an increase of spam since building your website?

Is that email spam driving you crazy?

If you answered yes to the above then it’s time to find a way to protect your email address from the hackers who scrape websites for email addresses and then sell them to spammers who fill your inbox with crap.

Email delivery methods over the last few years have changed dramatically.

Firstly we used POP (Post Office Protocol) to download and store our email, then came IMAP, where one could synchronise email with the server and as is common now, with all your devices.


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