It seems that every now and then you might receive a letter by post from 'dubious' domain company, with what they call "An invitation to register" but looks suspiciously like an invoice and providing payment options of $249.00.

Myself and 2 other customers received our letters recently on the same day - anyone else??


If you hold your Domain Name/s with Miniwebs, please note that these letters DO NOT come from Miniwebs. If you read correctly, the domain name shown is not actually one you hold, it may be a .com variation. (If you are not sure where your domain is held, give us a call.....

Listed below are some of the mistakes you try to avoid when acquiring a new domain name:
1. Taking the domain/business name decision lightly
Don’t just buy the first domain that looks good. Many people do this only to seriously regret it later. Make sure you treat the domain/business name as a serious decision.
2. Thinking small instead of big
Starting out small doesn’t mean you will remain small. Cornering yourself into a niche or locale can limit your potential. Thinking big from the start can expand your world of opportunity.
3. Thinking “good enough” instead of.....


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