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Miniwebs is a Brisbane based web agency specialising in working with small business clients.

We build websites | We upgrade websites | We provide and manage hosting | We can acquire domain names

But best of all......

We provide regular and ongoing support especially for businesses needing someone to manage their online services

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Are you a brand new small business?

We can provide a complete package to get your website online and get email addresses set up for you - and we can do it today!!!

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Content Management Systems

Wordpress and Joomla are our preferred methods of building websites - they are both powerful, flexible and great for small business by enabling you to manage your own content.

Website Hosting

Contact Us for all your website hosting requirements. For those new to this terminology, Website Hosting is basically the rental of server space on which to place your website files so the website is available to the global public.

Upgrading Websites

A large part of our work now is re-creating customer websites to use the new mobile-friendly features, which everyone has come to accept as a 'must have', and to make your website look modern and sleek.

Site Management

Miniwebs works with customers to maintain your website on a regular basis and provide all those updates and backups you might not be familiar with, or just simply need help with regularly.

Our latest design work


Our Clients Include

Beenleigh Bowls
Beenleigh Tiles
Gainsborough Green Club
Ide Lawyers
Windaroo Lakes
Yatala Outboard Wrecking
Infinite Financial Solutions
Wet Waste
Beautiful Budget Bouquets